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About Us

Our greatest strengths at Bavaria Brau are the passion we share for the greatest beers in the world and our dedication to build the most efficient and inclusive online bottled beer infrastructure for home and office supply.


A long time ago…

This all began when we worked in Munich many years ago, made friends with some great Bavarian folk and explored the many beer gardens, brauhaus and their esteemed refreshments both in the worlds capital city of beer drinking and across the beautiful state of Bavaria.  We used to remark that very rarely. if ever, did we have a hangover the morning after a night out drinking; the firm opinion we had at the time was that it was because they did not use chemicals or additives in the brewing process due to the strict Bavarian brewing purity laws – but more of that later.

Frustrated on our return to the UK that it was almost impossible to get our fix of premium Bavarian beers. Then finding most other continental beers on sale in pubs and on supermarket shelfs just did not meet the standard set; often gassy, full of sugar, chemical additives and pretty tasteless by comparison.

We started importing our favourite brands and as the demand increased we became a niche distributor business supplying German beers to high quality bars and restaurants.

Today, we remain a company of owners, huge fans of all things Bavarian (did we mention we like the beer?) and the only distributor focussed exclusively on shipping Bavarian bottled beer brands for sale to consumers across the UK.

As well as the full range on offer from the classic 'big 6' Festival breweries in Munich we constantly strive to hunt down and select the finest and freshest premium Bavarian beers available. We are also dedicated to efficiently and quickly deliver them direct to your home or place of work.


So what are you drinking?

Take a look at the ingredients on most non-German beers and you will usually find a long list of preservatives, artificial colourings, emulsifier agents and strange ingredients such as lactose, corn syrup, citric acid, sodiums citrate and benzoate, plus most have carbon dioxide pumped in to provide a fizz.  

It's almost depressing to realise that the worlds biggest selling bottled beer from Mexico contains not only corn syrup and ascorbic acid but the less than tasty sounding commercial stabilizer propylene glycol alginate!

So there is no surprise that some of these chemical laden brands have drawn scurrilous rumours of bodily fluids being added to the brew and others attracted nicknames such as ‘wife beater’ or ‘loony juice’ and most often result in a banging hangover. 

Part of the problem is that while we increasingly care about what we eat we often care less about what we drink and this is a big mistake.  Manufacturers are routinely adding artificial flavourings or excess sugars to their brews and preservative chemicals which can extend shelf life by far too many years than is natural or healthy. We wouldn't eat a sandwich that had a 5 year shelf life yet we drink beer with a similar unhealthy longevity.

Worryingly, there is also still no legal requirement for beer producers across the UK and most of the European Union to list all their ingredients on bottles or cans..... With one rather notable exception: Germany.

With more breweries than any other country in the world, the Germans take the purity of their beer exceptionally seriously.

Forget chemicals; by law German brewers are not even allowed to add sugar or lesser, cheaper grains such as maize or rice.  It’s all thanks to the Reinheitsgebot, the “Bavarian beer purity law”.


The Reinheitsgebot Purity Law

When it comes to beer, the Bavarians know exactly what they’re talking about, in 1516, Duke Wilhelm IV issued the Bavarian Beer Purity Law (the Reinheitsgebot), ruling that beer could only be made from three natural ingredients: water, hops and barley. (They did not yet know about yeast, which occurs naturally in beer but was officially permitted as a fourth ingredient only later.)

While other laws may have come and gone, this purity law remains the benchmark for brewing beer across Bavaria for over half a millennium.   By only permitting these ingredients, the Reinheitsgebot has always encouraged brewers to get creative, meaning that there’s a huge variety of beers to sample.  Luckily for us enthusiasts, most towns and cities across Bavaria have crafted unique beers which highlight this incredible diversity.

As the fame of the Reinheitsgebot spread along with the popularity of Bavarian beers due to its guarantee of quality ingredients and purity, other German regions adopted it after unification in 1871, and from 1906 the whole of Germany adopted it.


So why no hangover?

Bavarians remain immensely proud of the Reinheitsgebot and perhaps, then, it is hardly surprising that fans of Bavarian beers insist that they taste a lot "cleaner" - and swear that they cause less of a hangover (which is pretty much where we began our love of Bavarian beers from)

These purity laws are often wheeled out as the reason why an Oktoberfest hangover is much less intense than a regular hangover, especially when the level of drunkenness the night before is considered.  

It certainly makes sense that less impurities in the beer mean a cleaner experience.

In any UK pub or on supermarket shelves you are will most likely be buying a low quality continental fizzy lager, a pale ale or bitter. Most have very high sugar content and the lagers will usually have a high adjunct content (rice, corn starch, etc.) and contain stabiliser chemicals that do lead to bad hangovers.  

That said, quantity does usually out trump quality when it comes to the morning after. Consuming 6 premium Bavarian Helles might not give you a hangover, but 12 most likely could. Other factors like skipping that late night currywurst, having  sufficient water intake and getting a good night sleep are also really important for avoiding hangovers.

So please drink responsibly but also drink with purity in mind.



We seek out the best light Helles, dark Dunkels, special festival brews and wheat beers from across Bavaria. No chemical additives mean they have a natural shelf life of around a year so only the freshest bottled beers will be found for sale on our website.  These beers are also naturally carbonated so there is no need for CO2 to be pumped in, resulting in a smoother, less bloated drinking experience.

So if the lure of fresh, premium beers, brewed to the highest standards of purity and incredible taste whets your appetite, why not join us on a taste journey across Bavaria and check out what’s brewing.


Our beers

As well as offering the best annual and festival beers brewed by the big 6 Munich giants, Bavaria Brau aim to bring you the best of Bavarian regional beers from historic breweries in Bayreuth and Nuremberg in the north to the incredible Lakeland breweries of the southern alps.   

Enjoy the freshest Helles and award winning wheat beers from the world oldest brewery in Freising, try a remarkable smoked beer from Bamberg and sample some amazing beer recipes unchanged for over half a millennium.

Click the beer finder.  Search for breweries or types of beer.  The beer finder will even suggest suitable beers for you.  Here, every click is a discovery.  Have fun!

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Our pledge

Only the freshest, premium beers from the beer capital of the world. Once you order from us, you’re part of the Bavaria Brau family. Seriously, and when family members have problems, we solve them. Something wrong with your order? Did a new brew not live up to your expectations? Call us. Email us. We will respond immediately and make things right.


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